Don’t Let Baker Mayfield Become a Giant

The current NFL season has been delightful. Philadelphia is 10–2, the Cowboys are unlikely to make the playoffs at 6–6, but most importantly the New York football Giants are a hot mess. They own the league’s second worst record and just gave head coach Ben McAdoo and GM Jerry Reese the boot. The Eli era is over and they have a dearth of talent on the roster.

The consolation prize that comes with a horrendous record is a high pick in the NFL Draft. If the season were to end today, the Giants would be drafting second overall, right after the Cleveland Browns. Since it’s officially mock draft season, I checked one out yesterday and did not like what I saw. Baker Mayfield to the Giants would be problematic for me. Mayfield is perfect. He’s the most fun college football player on and off the field and he’s also really really good. I don’t want to have to hate him.

He’s an electric dancer:

He’s incredibly petty:

He almost quit football because he’s awesome at Halo 3:

He got kicked out of intramural football because he was too good:

Aside from all of that, Mayfield may be the top quarterback prospect in the draft. He’s so much like Russell Wilson in terms of being an undersized QB who can evade pressure with ease and puts a ton of velocity on certain passes and perfect touch on others. Also, I bet plenty of friends showed up to his birthday party.

If the Giants front office can hire a coaching staff that gives a young quarterback the opportunity to thrive, similar to what Los Angeles and Philadelphia have done, the transition from Eli Manning should be flawless. To my fellow Eagles fans, let’s all hope this doesn’t become a reality and the G-Men take an offensive lineman who is an absolute bust.

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