“Rapid” Reaction: Flyers (2–1) Down the Ducks in OT

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Well… the Philadelphia Hockey Flyers are 2–1, I am brutally hungover, and I’ve decided that I’m never watching another Flyers game at Xfinity Live on a Saturday ever again. Ryan got kicked out for looking too drunk, I got tequila spilled all over me, and I didn’t get to appreciate the Nolan Patrick-Travis Konecny lovefest. HOWEVER, we won an overtime game out west and things are wonderful so let’s get on with this so we can all watch football.

Anaheim Couldn’t Get Their… Ducks in a Row…

I figured I’d get my terrible pun out of the way early to weed out the haters. The Ducks were without Ryan Getzlaf, Ryan Kessler, Hampus Lindholm, Sami Vatanen and others against the Flyers on Saturday night and to be completely honest, they probably win this game if everyone’s healthy. John Gibson stood on his head all game but… NOT MY FAULT. SUCKS TO SUCK LOSERS.

Konecny-Patrick? Yes please!

As I said in my back-to-back recap, the Flyers looked like they could use a little rearranging with their forward combinations. While I suggested moving Couturier down to the third line (I am happy to admit I was wrong), we got a fun swap that saw Filppula join Jordan Weal and Wayne Simmonds on the second line and Nolan Patrick slotted in with Dale Weise and Travis Konecny. Pure joy ensued when Patrick almost notched his first career NHL goal on a beautiful feed from Yung Travis just 80 seconds into the game, and then again late in the third period.

Never Fear, Ivan Provorov is Here

It may have not been the best all-around game that we’ve seen from Provorov, but a beautiful goal to open the scoring and an assist on the game winning goal is plenty for me to cheer about. Ivan Provorov is the hero that this city needs and seeing him get his first two points of the young season was great to see.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly on the Power Play

After going a sexy 3 for 3 on the power play in the season opener, the Flyers have now failed to convert on 10 straight power play opportunities and also gave up a garbage-ass shorthanded goal (coming soon). To be fair, the first goal of the game was scored as the power play expired but teeeechnically it doesn’t count. With that being said, the second power play unit has been clicking hard this year. Lots of sustained pressure, a goal in the first game and basically a goal last night is huge after solely relying on the first unit for so many years. The pressure is there but pressure doesn’t mean shit. Score some damn goals.

Fire Dale Weise Into the Sun

Formerly the “Fire Andrew MacDonald Into the Sun” segment (and trust me, it WILL be back), I am once again forced to admit that Andy Mac had a solid game on the Mac Meter. This time, however, he didn’t look like an idiot sliding on his ass giving up a goal. Dale Weise gets this game’s honor of being shot into the sun. For the second straight game, Dale Weise has looked like the worst player on the ice. He is slowly turning into the offensive version of that dumb idiot Andrew MacDonald. No shots on goal, a team-low 27.78% Corsi (#FancyStats!!) and poor puck possession is hurting Konecny and Patrick. Into the sun with you, Dale.

Thanks for the Response, Brian Elliot

I may have been a little critical of Elliot in the win over San Jose for his awkward positioning and shaky play. Outside of a really awful shorthanded Cam Fowler goal, Brian Elliot looked sharp. While the workload was lighter than it was in San Jose, Elliot was able to track the puck much better and stand strong early while the Flyers struggled to establish consistent pressure.

Stay Together for the Kids

It’s really awesome to see Sanheim still in the lineup. Dave Hakstol either A) heard the collective death threats of Flyers fans after benching Konecny and Ghost as much as he did last year or B) realized that kids make mistakes and it’s better to let them grow than to sit on the bench and watch Manning play instead. Unfortunately, the rookies got another gut shot against the Ducks. During 4v4 play in the first period with Sanheim and Hagg on the ice together (which I love to see), Antoine Vermette tied the game at 1–1. The puck was dumped low and everybody attempted to mark the two Ducks near the puck. No one was close enough to pick up Vermette, who potted an easy one timer passed Elliot. Not a pretty play by the young defensive pair but Sanheim had a much better game, despite that goal.


I get it. With no points yet I shouldn’t be going nuts over fourth line players but I can’t help it. The speed, sustained pressure and backchecking are fucking sexy. Do we have the best fourth line in the league? Probably not but we do in my book. The big thing that surprised me last night was how many shifts (or at least noticeable shifts) the Law Firm had in the third period last night. The Flyers were constantly peppering Gibson (15 shots) while giving the Ducks very few chances to take a lead (4 shots) and the fourth line drove a lot of this play.

A Healthy Dose of Gingervitus

Giroux with a filthy pass through three Ducks, Voracek with a strong drive to the net and a slick drop-off for Couts who finished it with ease. That’s all I’ve got to say about that. The first line took the game by storm and led by example. Thanks, gingers.

Closing Notes

Weise only got 11 shifts: lol. Nolan Patrick was 6 for 8 on faceoffs: better! Couts was an impressive +3 with a goal and then an assist on the GWG: sex. I’m excited to see what this team can bring against a strong Nashville team after getting some real rest.

Bring on the Preds



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